Jul 31, 2008

Hunk by the Watefall

Michal Mechant


Phelps Smiling

Jul 27, 2008

Guy in a Hammock

Blue Hibiscus

Finchum & Boudia

Thomas Finchum & David Boudia in 10m synchronized diving. They won today, btw.

Amaury Leveaux & Alain Bernard

French swimmers Amaury Leveaux & Alain Bernard (corrected)


Swimmer of the Day

This is for you, John!

Jul 26, 2008


Thomas Finchum

Thomas Finchum performs 407c (inward 3.5 somersaults tuck) for 10s at the Olympic Diving Trials Finals in Indianapolis, IN.

Alex D

Water Polo Hunks

Indianapolis Diving Competition

El Toro

Jul 25, 2008

Julian Sanchez

Mexican diver Julian Sanchez.

Thanks, DS!

Pool Hunks


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