Jul 31, 2007

White and Riding Low

Poolside Melodrama

The acting was hilarious, but the guys aren't bad at all...

Jul 29, 2007

Matt Shirvington

Aussie sprinter Matt Shirvington

Mr. Spain

Mister Almería in swimsuit competition

Jul 28, 2007

Kenrick Monk

Aussie swimmer Kenrick Monk

Jul 27, 2007

Mister Mundo Pacifico

Ian Thorpe in Athens 2004

Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe at the finals of 200m Freestyle at the Athens 2004 Olympics. The final featured Pieter van den Hoogenband, Grant Hackett, and Michael Phelps

Diogo Yabe

Brazilian swimmer Diogo Yabe at the 2007 Pan American Games

Ian Thorpe Slow Motion

Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe swimming in slow motion.

Jul 21, 2007

Hot Muscle Jock on the beach


Dan Decker - Muscle Beach 2005

Posedown at the Muscle Beach Venice Classic competion in 2005. Dan Decker won his weight class, overall, and posedown.

Jul 19, 2007

Jul 18, 2007

Jul 16, 2007


Manhunt International 2007 Swimwear Competition

Manhunt International 2007 Swimwear Competition, held last February 10, 2007
in Seoul, South Korea

Jul 8, 2007

Jason Hawke

Model Jason Hawke in black Speedos

Jul 5, 2007


Ian Thorpe

Aussie top swimmer Ian Thorpe

Protesting In Speedos

In the news: a Speedo-clad protester in Australia tried to disrupt the visit of prime minister John Howard visit to a town. The protester, Josh Brown, 23, was only wearing blue Speedos and a swimming cap, when he tried to approach Howard, shouting about climate change as he dashed to the startled official.

More here

Jul 4, 2007

A Scene from Sunset Beach

A scene from TV opera Sunset Beach: Rae is giving Casey (Timothy Adams) the cold treatment after seeing him hug Meg.

Jason Stratham Diving

Actor Jason Stratham, diving. Stratham, who starred in films such as Snatch and The Transporter, was a member of the British Olympic diving team in the 1980s.

Cutie in Boardies

Jul 3, 2007

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