Mar 30, 2007

Water Polo Teams at Melbourne 2007

From top: Croatia, Hungary, Australia (pics 3&4 ), Italy and Spain's water polo teams at Melbourne 2007 world championships.

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Mar 29, 2007

Michael Phelps at Melbourne 2007

Michael Phelps won 3 gold medals and set a world record at Melbourne 2007 world championships.

Viva EspaƱa

Spain's water polo team celebrates after winning a match in Melbourne championships.

Diving at Melbourne 2007

3-meter diving competition at Melbourne 2007. From top: Dmitri Sautin of Russia, Alexandre Despatie of Canada, Qai Kin of China. Kin won the gold, Despatie silver and Sautin settled for bronze.

Melbourne 2007 Diving Competition

Divers competing at the world championships in Melbourne. From top: Peter Hill and Scott Robertson of Australia [photos 1&2]; Americans David Alasdair Boudia and Thomas Finchum; Dmitriy Dobroskok and Gleb Galperin of Russia; Huo Liang and Lin Yue of China

Mar 27, 2007

Bruno Gagliasso

Hunky Brazilian actor Bruno Gagliasso on the beach...

Alexandre Despatie Teaches Diving

French-Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie teaches journalist Rick Mercer some points on diving.

Mar 26, 2007

Apparently Not Jake Wall on Cover

This is NOT Jake Wall on cover of DNA Magazine

Mar 25, 2007

Alexandre Despatie in Action

Alexandre Despatie is a French Canadian diver. He is the current World champion at the 1 and 3m springboard and is the first diver to have been World champion in the three categories (1, 3, 10m platform).

Cody in Black Speedos

Baywatch's David Chokachi, in black Speedos

Swim Team


Rafael Verga

Mar 22, 2007

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